Well, this is my first blog post, so I waited long enough to make it closely related to enigma. Steganography is the method of hiding data within data. Heard of it? Does cryptography ring your ears? I guess so! But, unlike cryptography it doesn’t make sure that data is unreadable by third party. What it does is, it hides the data. Call it a camouflage, if you will.

Steganography is conjunctly used with cryptography to make the information doubly protected. First, encrypted and then hidden so whomever takes the pain to decrypt and reveal has an arduous or may I say impregnable task ahead. So, basically Bob can stuff some information onto the image and then send to Alice whereas the skeptic wife Jane of Bob with much tools at the disposal sees the image sent to Alice and realizes, Ohh false alarm, just an image of office agenda. But we know Bob and how attracted he is to Alice , we spent hours reading about Bob and Alice, there is surely some attraction. I’m hoping he is going over tonight to Alice, enough of Bob and Alice cryptic messages because it’s time for action now!

I ain’t gonna ramble on much about steganography and many techniques used so I will leave the links here and here. But, I’m going to put easy-peasy codes on python to give a glimpse.

from PIL import Image
import stepic


img = Image.open(‘./sacred.jpg’)
step1 = stepic.encode(img,”Alice…I’m coming over tonight 😀 :)”)


decode = stepic.decode(step1) 
raw = decode.decode()
print raw                                          #see what’s hidden


So, let’s look at the two images before encryption and after encryption

Before encryption:


After encryption:


So, Jane can your naked eye see that your husband’s cheating on you!

So, that’s it guys that’s my first blog post. Do leave messages as I love being disturbed..


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